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Associate Writer

Posted by dentalinsider on November 10, 2006

I want to take the opportunity to welcome our new Associate Writer to the Dental Insider staff. His name is Q, yes that is really his name, and since nobody can pronounce it or spell it, Q is just fine with us. Look for Q to post here on the site shortly.



2 Responses to “Associate Writer”

  1. Anonymous said

    If MAJOR is your new Associate Writer “Q” and he is responding to the Sullivan-Schein-Zahn comments then I can only suggest: He needs to understand the dynamic of the successful “full-service” sales professional. Those sales professionals selling in excess of $3-5 million dollars annually are not doing so by “taking advantage” of their clients by product switching for greater commission earnings! No successful field representative can obtain the trust of their client by playing this game. Now..on the other hand, it is not above the “trunk slammer”, as they are commonly referred to, to attempt to be competitive by selling “price product” in order to “tempt” the product “shopper”! I believe it is important to recognize the ethical field sales representative that achieves his/her success thru a mutual business relationship with their clients.

  2. Anonymous said

    Q is a hack.
    If he is to represent your site, you may want to have him expalin his credentials, so that he has any sort of credibility.

    Does he have any concept of how a reputable full service supply company works and the meaning of “relationship selling”??

    Apparently not. In addition, his “expose'” on how suppliers pay to be included to certain supply companies marketing and sales functions certainly is not news.
    It may not be right, but it isn’t a breaking development.

    Have this so caller reporter contact the 3-4 major suppliers directly and request an interview to get the real story, and to be educated in the philosophy of “relationship selling”.

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