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Buyout Rumors….

Posted by dentalinsider on October 26, 2006

Is Sullivan-Schein going on a buying spree? The buzz today is that Sullivan-Schein is courting Burkhart Dental Supply. I received 2 phone calls and an email regarding this story today alone. I didn’t think that the Burkhart Family would ever give up control of their family business. Maybe one of my many readers from Sullivan-Schein will confirm or deny this rumor?



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8 Responses to “Buyout Rumors….”

  1. Anonymous said

    Dental rumour mill sucks these days, i really think folks are making things up as they go along.

    Did the rumour mill have any inkling of the Dentsply move?

    How bout the Accubite buyout by PDCO

    These are mostly public companies, the folks that know are not talking.


  2. Dr. G said

    Just spoke with a Patterson rep. as of today, 10/30/06, the Salespeople have not been informed of the Dentsply deal. It would seem that this would be an event to be proud of. Maybe there is some doubt as to whether this program will succeed. Meanwhile, treat them like mushrooms. (keep them in the dark and feed them….)
    Dr. G

  3. Anonymous said

    Any Patterson rep who hasn’t been informed, is living under a rock, or has a horrible manager.

    Dentsply has sent packets to all Patterson reps and had presentations at their sales meetings.

  4. Anonymous said

    Rumor doesn’t surprise me. Burkhart has been on the block for some time. PDCO was gonna buy them but the family wanted too much money. Is Schein gonna give in?

  5. Shawn Nowak said

    Even though we are a a small dealer we feel as a family company we can offer so much more to our customers than just great prices. We will never be a company that you have to push tons of buttons to get to a live person; we still answer the phone and half the time it’s one of the owners answering it. No money would make me give up my company that my grandfather started out of a small bag. Patterson and Schein are just trying to eliminate the competition by buying them out since they can’t beat us by just having the lowest prices. If people would just shop around they would notice how much money they are wasting on a yearly basis with the so called “Big Boys.”

    Shawn Nowak
    Nowak Dental Supplies Inc.

  6. Anonymous said

    to Mr. Anonymous, (who responed to Shawn Nowak). Thank you o great one ! I am also a smaller dealer. You have saved me years of pain and suffering, in
    what seemed to be a
    sell against you technologically
    advanced Big Guys !

    I’m going to go make a “going out of business” sign right now.

    But before I go, I wonder who’s going to tell my customers that, we are no longer their preferred service department and they need to call your “trained monkeys”?
    (In my area, the “big guy” service people, according to most doctors, Suck)(Major California metro area)

    I wonder who will tell them that their most trusted friend who is there to help them build their practice without worrying that we will always try to shove a Cerac, proprietary software or the latest and greatest digital imaging equipment that will be obsolete next year,up there rear?

    See that’s what you’ve been trained to do. Your good at it. In fact, you can have all of it.

    We are the best at what we do and we don’t pretend to be a Big Box impersonal chain.

    We can do a lot things that you could never do. We think that this “force feeding of technology to dumb backwards dentists” is wrong.

    But, of course, your the professional. While I’m quietly throwing in the towel, I
    should sell all of
    my 7-11 stock, because, it will never last !

  7. Anonymous said

    keep your head in the sand.
    believe me, I am glad you are so against the future of dentistry.

    What exactly do you think the major dental schools are teaching with right now??
    They all have the digital imaging that “will be obsolete in a few years”.
    While your doctors that are still using methods and equiptment that is 30 years old, and will be retiring in 5 years, I will be catering to the future of the industry.

    Call me in 10 years when the boomer docs are gone and so are you.

    Wake up, it ain’t your daddy’s dental any more

  8. Shawn Nowak said

    Thanks for the defense comments, but I agree the future of dentistry is high tech. No I don’t have a practice software or a digital x-ray system.

    If I’m correct though a dentist office should only have to buy these items once (unless what everyone is selling is junk.) So I feel that every dentist will still need all the supplies that they have always used maybe not forever but at least for the next 10-15 years. Sullivan Schein is starting to resemble HealthCo a lot and anyone that has been around for a long time knows what happened to that company.

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