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ADA Las Vegas – Update

Posted by dentalinsider on October 19, 2006

Hi DI,

The convention floor seemed busy with attendees and exhibitors. Although, I suspect that if the show was in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the aisles would look much emptier. According to the ADA, there are 12,000 pre-registered dentists and over 40,000 attendees (dentists, staff, exhibitor, etc) in town this week for the show. That is a mere pittance to SEMA, which will be in town in 2 weeks or CES, in January. I don’t think that there are 12,000 dentists here at all. I really wish the ADA would release “through the door” numbers as opposed to the pre-registered number. I suspect that the “through the door” attendance is much less than the ADA has stated.

I spoke with a handful of manufacturers over the last 2 days and while they were pleased with the amount of people mulling about the floor, they were disappointed with the number of orders written.

“We wrote more business in one day at the CDA (San Francisco)last month than we have written in both days so far” – Tom
Another manufacturer said that there was nothing but “Tire Kickers” on the floor.

Both were hopeful that the “tire kickers” will return Thursday and place orders.
There was some talk on the Dentsply situation between manufacturers. Most believe that this decision is going to haunt Dentsply for a long time.

That’s it for now.

Beth – DI ADA correspondent

If anyone attending the show wants to give their opinion of the show, post in the comments section or send an email to




One Response to “ADA Las Vegas – Update”

  1. Dental Whisperer said

    Like others have stated, despite the heavy traffic,
    there wasn’t much business being written. I have good
    friends at several companies in the equipment and
    high-tech arenas and they were are sharply
    disappointed at the dearth of orders. Also, it was
    very clear that the L-shaped hall didn’t help traffic
    flow to the panhandle north end where booths like
    Ultradent, Discus Dental, and Invisalign seemed sparse
    compared to Phillips Sonicare, Colgate and

    Also, the Dentsply deal was a major topic of
    discussion in the hall at all the booths I visited.

    The Dental Whisperer

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