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Letter to the Dental Professional

Posted by dentalinsider on October 13, 2006

The response to last weeks podcast has been tremendous, than you to all for your kind words. I hope to produce a monthly podcast here very shortly, I will keep you posted. Due to the overwhelming emails that I received requesting my letter to the dental professional, I have decided to post it here for everyone to copy and forward on to your friends and collegues. All I ask is that you forward it in its original state. Please do not modify it.

Thank You



To all Dental Professionals,

On September 26, 2006, without notice, Dentsply International terminated their partnership with 170 dealers in the United States. Many of these dealers have carried their lines for many years, some as long as 80 years. All of them helped build Dentsply to what it is today. These relationships were overlooked in favor of the profit of Dentsply and their few chosen large nationwide distributors. This situation epitomizes the big business attack on small businesses throughout America.

All of these dealers, much like you, are the small businesses that America was built on. These companies are right in your own backyard; they employ from within the community, pay local taxes, and support the local economy. These people are your neighbors and your friends.

Dentsply does not recognize the importance of the local Independent Distributor. They would rather dictate to you, the dental professional, their dealer of choice, rather than allow you the customer, to make that decision. All of these independent dealers have provided value, service and choice to you, the dental professional, for many decades. They appreciate your loyalty and support and encourage you to continue that support in the years to come.

There are many alternative brands for you to select from other than Dentsply products. Many of these other vendors are offering aggressive promotions on these products and will save your practice money in the long run.

Not only is Dentsply limiting your choice of dealers to purchase their products from, they are also requiring the remaining dealers to provide “End user transactional data at the customer level”. What this means is that the dealer must provide Dentsply with your name, address, phone number and quantity for each and every product that you use in the Dentsply family at the end of each month. This information is not necessary; they already receive sales in each zip code across the U.S. Some say that this is just the next step in the progression of Dentsply going direct.

Once again, over 170 dealers across the United States were affected by this decision. With the limited choice of dealers to purchase Dentsply products from (Sullivan-Schein, Patterson Dental, and Burkhart Dental), competitive prices and options often disappear. We hope that you will remain loyal to your local independent dealer and choose not to support Dentsply products. I have listed Dentsply’s CEO Gary Kunkle’s phone number and email address below. Please call or write and let him know that you want to have a choice when purchasing you Dentsply products and do not want to be limited to the chosen few. I am urging you to boycott Dentsply products, but ultimately that decision is yours.

Dentsply CEO Gary Kunkle – 800-877-0020 email –

Dentsply – Caulk, Professional, Midwest, Maillefer Endo, Rinn, Crescent, Pharmaceutical, Trubyte

Thank you,

Dental Insider



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