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Dental Insider Podcast

Posted by dentalinsider on October 7, 2006

Dental Insider Podcast

I thought I would share my thoughts and a few readers comments by doing a podcast. You can download it here. It is in .mp3 format



3 Responses to “Dental Insider Podcast”

  1. Anonymous said

    Apparently size doesn’t matter to Dentsply. What do I mean? We all assumed that Dentsply would choose the larger dealers because of the size of their existing customer base and their financial strength.

    Well, it appears that there are other factors that they considered in choosing a prefered dealer.

    I have discovered that a relatively small dealer in Southern California was chosen. Not for their size, but for their strong Asian influence and customer base.

    This is, of course, for statistical reasons only! Yeah Right !

  2. Anonymous said

    I must say that I have had great success this last week in switching my customers out of Dentsply products and into comparable products. Many of my customers say they don’t want to have anything to do with Dentsply, its products or its data collection.
    Go Independents!


  3. Shawn Nowak said

    We have been very successful in switching our labs to Vita and Ivoclar teeth instead of Dentsply.

    Everyone needs to remember to hurt Dentsply stop prescribing Dentsply teeth.


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