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Dentsply – What Are They Thinking?

Posted by dentalinsider on September 27, 2006

I just finished listening to the Dentsply conference call from this morning. I suggest you take a listen to what Mr. Gary Kunkle has to say and how he answers some of the questions from the callers, mostly analysts.

Listen Here

I decided to fire off an email to Mr. Kunkle and several other key personnel with a few questions that were not answered in the conference call. I will post any response(s) that I receive from Mr. Kunkle or key personnel. I am not holding my breath at this point for a response. I will post the email that I sent to them a bit later on. Lets see if they respond first.

This is going to be one of 2006’s big stories in the dental industry. This story is far from over…Much more to follow.


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One Response to “Dentsply – What Are They Thinking?”

  1. Dr. G said

    Can any of you say that you really understood what the hell Kunkle was saying? That’s why only 4 or 5 brave souls even asked questions! Even when continually prompted by the female moderator how to access the system, (“come on, somebody please push the button”) were there anyone other than these 5 people listening?

    OK, here it is in a nutshell for us regular people. A little story to illustrate what may happen. Company “D” wants to utilize the tallented few and there unlimited resources to compile a complete profile of as many doctors as they can. (AT YOUR EXPENSE) Yes, it does cost someone money to re-program your computer to track, collate and file all of this information and send it off to Company “D” (Pass the cost on to the doctor of course). Remember this is for statistical purposes only, right?

    Once Company “D” has all of this info in their hot little hands, the program will magically become a failure. (DEALERS FAULT – of course)

    Then almost overnight Company “D” Direct Sales business will grow from xx% to 100%. Bye Bye Dealer

    Little does Company “D” realize is that the Dealer is the one in control. Dealers can sell anything they want. The days of jumping through hoops like Circus animals is over. The Big Guys will get even.

    Again, in the meantime, those less tallented, (the un-chosen), will gain a foothold in the industry by promoting equal or better quality second tier products simply by providing what the doctor really wants, HONESTY and a BETTER VALUE ! Dr. G

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