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Posted by dentalinsider on September 22, 2006

Last weekend the California Dental Association held its fall meeting in San Francisco, Ca. I spoke with a couple of vendor reps and a couple of doctors this week about the meeting. Both doctors felt the meeting was on the slow side, but it gave them more one on one time with the vendors. Everyone agreed that the multi-floor layout of the convention hall was a poor design. I got mixed reviews from the vendors, two saying it was a very slow meeting that was not well attended, while the other two said it was one of the best CDA North meetings in years. Some feel that with the ADA in Las Vegas coming in just a few weeks, that might have kept some people away.

Speaking of the ADA….I am curious to see how this session, the first since 1995, is attended and received by the Las Vegas Convetion and Visitors Bureau. After the 1995 ADA, the LVCVB did not want the ADA back in town because there wasnt enough money (Gaming tables, bars, restaurants, etc)spent over the weekend. This year the ADA is at the Mandalay Bay convention center, not the Las Vegas Convention Center which is quite a bit smaller. The floorplan is a bit strange as they are grouping vendors in catagories. It will be interesting to see how this show does and if the ADA get invited back to Las Vegas.


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