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Dentalcast Podcast – National Dental Museum

Posted by dentalinsider on June 26, 2006

I was listening to the latest Dentalcast podcast today and found it quite interesting. Dr. David Dodell was interviewing Dr. Scott Swank, who is the curator of the National Dental Museum. The museum, which is associated with the Smithsonian Institution, is located in Baltimore, Maryland and are celebrating their 10th anniversary. They have permanent exhibits as well as travelling exhibits. The prized piece in their collection is George Washington’s lower denture. If you get a chance, download the Dentalcast podcast and give it a listen, you wont be disappointed.

While we are on this subject, I came across this document entitled Dental Technology and Research. It was produced by the Canadian Dental Association as part of a series entitled “A Century of Service” You can find the other documents in the series here. The article discusses the advancements in destistry over the last 100 years. Items that revolutionized dentistry including, high speed dentistry, 4 handed dentistry, the dental bur, filling materials and radiography are all discussed. Take a few moments and download this article or the entire series, it is very interesting.

Over the weekend we were installing some new equipment in an older office. One of the items that got replaced was an old (guessing circa 1950’s) Ritter B X Ray unit. I was hoping to find an image of this behemoth xray, but a google search didn’t turn up anything. I did salvage one item from the x ray unit that I thought was pretty cool, the voltmeter/miliampmeter. See picture below. I would think that these older x ray units would not be up to state or local standards, but as I am told, here in California, as long as they are calibrated and working properly, they are allowed. From a patients standpoint, they look very old and that can be a turnoff for some people. Send me your thoughts either via comment below or via email to


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