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Ebay Dental

Posted by dentalinsider on June 15, 2006

I was watching TV the other night and I saw a spot for Ebay and the tag line at the end of the spot was “Get it on Ebay”. So while I was on ebay looking for the next best thing that I couldn’t live without, I decided to search “dental” to see what came up. Much to my surprise….over 3500 dental related items. I must say that I was a bit surprised at some of the items like a complete operatory of equipment, but there where lots of turbines, masks, ultrasonic cleaners, instruments, etc. I did find an auction for a bulk(500) of Dispersalloy 3 spill that was selling for $295.00. That item retails for well over $1100.00. So I guess that there are some good deals to be had. Take a look here

I guess that if you do a little homework, you can save some money on supplies and equipment from Ebay.

Happy Bidding!


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One Response to “Ebay Dental”

  1. Ricklin11 said

    Hey digital guy,
    Enjoy your blog, you do seem to know what your are talking about.
    How about a dissertation on gray market / black market supplies. It seems new dealers are popping up like weeds lately getting in on this, much to the detriment of our industry.
    Rick Lindquist
    Manuf. rep

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