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New Product Announcement

Posted by dentalinsider on June 12, 2006

Midwest Stylus Mini

DENTSPLY Professional and Midwest® are proud to introduce Midwest® Stylus™ Mini 540 and Midwest® Stylus™ Mini 541

06/01/2006 This highspeed handpiece is the latest addition to Midwest’s quality line of premium air driven handpieces. Now clinicians can enjoy all the features and benefits of Stylus without compromise.

Stylus™ Mini takes all the power, performance and reliability you expect from Midwest Stylus™ and packages it into a mini head for superior intra-oral access, visibility and power – 15 watts. Stylus™ Mini accepts both Short Shank and Regular Shank burs for increased access and visibility. The handpiece contains a tapered rear sheath providing a light-weight design for improved ergonomics. Stylus Mini is also available with a special back end allowing it to easily connect to MULTIflex LUX Couplers. Now clinicians can choose the Stylus handpiece that is best suited for their life style, patients and practice. Choose Stylus – the highspeed handpiece line that offers clinicians best-in-class performance, power, durability and ergonomics.


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