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Posted by dentalinsider on April 27, 2006

Hello all,

I am at the CDA in Anaheim, Ca. and some interesting rumors are already flying about and the meeting doesnt actually get going until Friday. I havent met up with anyone from Patterson yet to get their feelings on morale within the rank and file or the decision by Danaher to disolve their Kavo/Gendex dealer agreement. I will be meeting a couple of reps on Friday morning and will report back any findings.
Secondly, Joe Berman, of the now backrupt JB dental Supply, is said to have purchased a stake in Darden Dental. Darden appears to be a small Los Angeles based dealer who deals predominately in “gray market’ goods. I am not sure of the benefits for either of these parties, especially with Joe Berman’s past, it cannot be favorable for Darden to pick up any of the major lines. I beleive that Joe Berman is still working for Pearson Dental in San Fernando, Ca.
I think everyone will be watching the earnings report tomorrow very closely. I will be posting more from Anaheim.



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