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Danaher vs PDCO

Posted by dentalinsider on March 23, 2006

I am still trying to digest all that has gone on with Gendex/Kavo and Patterson Dental over the last few days. This will have a rather large effect for both companies. Gendex/Kavo loses its #2 distributor and PDCO loses several very important lines. Kavo being the most important. Word on the street is that PDCO sales reps are angry as they wont be able to sell what some would consider to be the best electric handpiece on the market as well as their air driven handpieces. Repair parts, which account for a large amount of reoccuring business will be lost. Some say that they will just move those sales to Bien Air, Midwest, W&H, but for a customer who is using Kavo, he will not want to add a new motor and attachments from another manufacturer into his existing handpiece rotation.

This story is far from over.



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